Dreamoval Foundation Supports Ashesi Code Fair

Hackathon in Ashesi
Dreamoval Foundation Supports Ashesi Code Fair.

Technology is dynamic and that dynamism is transforming the world. From the inception and use of internet to the application of artificially intelligent software, the stress of our traditional lifestyle is becoming a thing of the past. In Africa, education is being used as a tool to teach and drive an increase in the use of technology. One worthy institution pushing this initiative in Ghana is the DreamOval Foundation. With the implantation of specially designed programmes such as iTeach, Hackathon, African Code Week (ACW), and sponsorship of hackathons such as the Ashesi Code Fair, we can rightfully say they are on course.

Another acclaimed establishment in Africa spearheading the technological push in Ghana is Ashesi University. Over more than a decade, Ashesi has established a reputation as a leader in undergraduate education in Africa, with an educational experience that fosters ethical leadership, an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to solve complex problems. Ashesi University, in a bid to push the tech revolution in Ghana and Africa, has for a number of years been organising a Code Fair. The Ashesi Code Fair is a competition that seeks to challenge and expose the programming skills of computer science students in Ghanaian tertiary institutions. It has the vision to ignite the zeal in tertiary students to do more, take risks and deliver to outcompete through out-of-the-box thinking to create exceptionally skilled individuals for industry.

The individual goals of both institutions to bridge the technological gap by empowering Ghanaians with knowledge has fueled this collaboration to organise Ashesi Code Fair 2016. This year’s edition of the Ashesi Code Fair would be organised on the 26th of November, 2016, at the campus grounds and would be supported by the DreamOval Foundation and MTN Foundation. It is projected to draw about 200 participants, 6 participating schools as well as 5 resource persons. The participating schools for this year’s edition are Lancaster University College, Ashesi University, Presbyterian College, Valley View University, Ghana Telecom University College and Garden City University College, Kumasi. The fair is anticipated to unearth hidden talents and educate participants.

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