SAP Quality Awards 2017: Arab and French Countries

awards ceremon held for arab and french speaking countries
SAP Quality Awards 2017: Arab and French Countries

The proliferation of technology in Arab Africa and French-speaking countries seem more positive than ever with the recent expansion of SAP, the global leader in enterprise management software Systems Applications Products to Ivory Coast and Morocco.

SAP Africa managing director Brett Parker said the company was “incredibly” optimistic about prospects in the regions and looked forward to expanding its presence further.

“This important stepping stone will allow SAP to more effectively execute on our vision and mission, as well as support the French-speaking African and north African ICT transformation agenda,”

SAP’s presence in Morocco would lead to the company’s expansion to other north African Arab countries, such as Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia.

The official opening of the new offices comes after the successful skills development and job creation programme SAP Africa conducted in 2015, dubbed “SAP Skills for Africa” which aimed at developing ICT and business skills and spreading digital literacy.

At the centre of the strategy is Africa Code Week, initiated in 2015, encompassing 17 African countries, including seven in French-speaking Africa.

SAP sub-Saharan Africa director, Jean Alain-Konan, who is based in Ivory Coast, said SAP aimed to empower people at the heart of business operations with the technological solutions needed for trade.

“We want to show to managers attending how their companies can be better managed using SAP,” said Alain-Konan.

Echoing these sentiments, SAP Africa managing director for Francophone Africa Frederic Alran, based in Morocco, said the future workforce required keen technical knowledge and practical experience in real-world business scenarios.

Nonetheless, in some parts of Africa, digital training was not accessible to all, while the majority lacked the skills required by the employment market.

“We are proud to work with our partners and customers to play our part in helping address this challenge,” Alran said.

The company, one of the most valuable in Germany, deals in sectors such as aerospace and defence; automotive; telecommunications; analytics; mining; oil and gas; commerce; finance; manufacturing; engineering; banking; asset management; research and data management.

Boasting revenue of more than $20 billion last year from its application software, the multinational corporation has a presence in more than 130 countries.

At an event in Kenya recently, companies were urged to embrace technology to avoid collapsing in a fast-changing digital world.

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