Whatsapp Isn’t Working!

As many of you may have noticed last night, WhatsApp was down for most users around the world. The globally acclaimed messaging application could no longer deliver or send messages. If you are an iPhone user, you may have noticed the spinning connection never left your screen for about an hour or more.

According to the Telegraph, the Facebook-owned service went down on 3rd May, 2017 at around 9pm BST, affecting users in the UK, US, Australia and Brazil, among other countries. It returned at around 11.20pm.

Checking the Whatsapp Status Twitter page, you notice the page hasn’t been updated in about three years being that their ‘about’ section states ‘We are working very hard to make this Twitter account irrelevant… (Well, you get the drift)

This outage may have been the longest in a while as the app has occasionally has downtimes. The outage has further proven how small our world has become and the impact the app makes in a lot of lives.

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