Bitcoin Comes To Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania

Which African countries have bitcoin?
Bitcoin in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania

Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania have been added to the list of African countries enjoying the Remitano experience – that is International transfers using Bitcoin.

Thanks to its current Escrow platform, the Vietnamese bitcoin remittance service platform will allow users to transfer funds quickly and securely across borders. The bitcoin-based remittance industry has started to gain traction in Africa. Last year the African economy lost over $60 billion USD to remittance fees, illustrating the imperative need for an alternative solution to the current mainstream remittance industry.

Remitano provides a safe marketplace where users can buy and sell bitcoins securely and quickly. Unlike the usual bitcoin trades that follows a step by step fashion, Remitano’s new offering makes the transaction of money across international boundaries quick and easy.

Photographer: George Frey/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Co-founder Dung Huynh explains how Remitano works…

Let’s say you want to send money from Vietnam to Australia. Previously, users would have to buy bitcoin from a trader in Vietnam, then sell bitcoin to an offer in Australia. Now with the new feature, the process basically does not change but a wizard is introduced to guide people to buy and sell seamlessly with estimated sending and receiving amount of money.”

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