Africa’s mobile population soars!

The last decade has shown some tremendous changes in the general trends of development on the African continent. Alongside this change, a number of reports have put African mobile subscribers at about one billion.

Mobile technology and the Internet have both combined to improve standard of living and communication amongst Africans while fuelling the new wave of new businesses and innovation being witnessed across the continent giving them the upper hand in making a lot of profit.

Notwithstanding the stereotyped reportage of war and famine in Africa by foreign media, it is evident that many African cities have witnessed considerable improvement in infrastructure development which has also increased opportunities and it is hoped that more African countries will ramp up investments in science and technology.

Also, market efficiency has improved a lot as the cost and time required for searching relevant information has decreased tremendously. For example, there are a number of solutions today that allow a farmer to easily exchange market price and other necessary information with another farmer in a different city or location from where they are without visiting that place and bearing traveling expenses.

With mobile technology connected to the Internet, Africans now have access to better communication services and improved opportunities especially for those pursuing new careers as digital entrepreneurs.

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