Is Nigeria’s TradPeek Africa’s Alibaba?

The Nigerian online platform, Tradpeek is en route to realising its revolutionary vision – changing the trajectory of Africa being a consuming continent and instead promoting exports by celebrating and promoting Africans’ skills and innovations.

“The company seeks to establish a central platform that allows the global access to products and crafts out of Africa. You can mildly compare to what Alibaba is to entrepreneurs in China and across Asian market,” TradPeek co-founder Kehinde Oseni told Disrupt Africa.

And yes, China’s own Alibaba was definitely an inspiration!

“I happened to visit China pretty often until last year and I have seen first hand the transformation and empowerment Alibaba has given to an average manufacturer and retailer,” he said. “They now have a platform to connect them to the world without leaving their small stores in Foshan, Guangzhou or Beijing.”

Launched in September of last year, Oseni has been focused of late on establishing logistic partnerships, but already has over 40 vendors using the platform. It charges a 20% commission on products sold via TradPeek, as well as a US$10 monthly service fee.

“TradPeek seeks to provide a platform with the edge of a hassle-free delivery strategy. We have partnerships with EMS in two countries, and more to come,” he said.

The self-funded startup is currently seeking an investor that can offer both financial and strategic support to help TradPeek establish a presence in every African country. Already active in Nigeria, it will shortly be opening a drop-off center in the Ghanaian capital of Accra.

Information sourced from Biz Community

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