Meet Africa’s first solar-powered bus; “Kayoola”

According to a study conducted by Martin Prosperity Institute of the US, Uganda is the second best nation in Africa with advanced technological and innovation capabilities. Uganda also happens to be the owner of Africa’s first solar-powered bus, “Kayoola”. The Kayoola solar-powered bus by Kiira motors relies on lithium-ion batteries to power an electric motor. The bus was designed to conserve the environment and public health and in order to reduce the pollution that is created through regular diesel-powered buses.  

The prototype was designed to serve as an executive city bus designed with luxury interiors, a bright white that makes it easy to spot, and a vibrant display of the national flag which adorns its side. It is said to be much easier to maintain due to the removal of the need to do an oil change and as a result of the replacement of the usual internal combustion diesel engine with an electric machine. All of these changes reduces both noise and air pollution.

The 35-seat bus is intended for urban areas rather than inter-city use because of the restrictions on how far it can travel. If it is mass produced, each bus would cost up to $58,000. If and when it is massed produced, it is said to provide employment for about 7000 people in Uganda.

Who knows? You just might see a solar-powered bus in your city within a few years!

Adapted from: KiiraMotors

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