Somalia’s internet restored after 23 day outage.

Somalia has internet service again after a 23 day outage that cost the Somalian government tens of millions of dollars. This was a huge set back due to the fact that they are an underdeveloped country. Somalia’s minister for posts and communications, Abdi Anshur, told reporters that the link was broken on June 24th. The break in the link was due to a ship passing over an undersea fiber optic cable that connects Somalia to global data networks.  Anshur reported that the government wants the owner of the MSC Alice to pay compensation for the damage. The outage had negative impacts on Somalia’s economy. Hospitals,offices, and internet cafes which provide locals with internet were all hit with this crisis. Many businesses were stopped to a halt as they were unable to function. For example, online banking systems and transfer services were all at a loss. The Somali government and the internet service provider worked diligently in order to fully restore the internet service back to the people of Somalia.

Adapted from: AllAfrica

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