5 African inventions that changed the game.

Africans have been in the disruption game awhile. We do not toot our horn, maybe we should do that more often, but we are doing quite a lot. How many African inventions do you know? Let’s find out?

1. The Cardipod

The cardipod was invented by a Cameroonian entrepreneur named Marc Arthur- the very first touch screen medical tablet invented and made in Africa

2. CAT scan

This technology was invented by a South African named Allan Cormack. He was awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1979 for his invention.

3. The cybertracker

The cybertracker was invented by Lindsay Stevenson in 1996. This African Technology is used to track insects, birds and animals by the use of a satellite navigational system.

4. The quiet cellular antennae

Paul van Jaarsveld and Gordon Mayhew (both South Africans) invented. It reduces noisy cellular emissions from base stations used by cellular companies.

5. M-pesa

This has been a life changing innovation for the remittance world. It has eliminated the need for bank accounts, bank charges and the inconvenience of depending on a public transport driver to deliver money to the village. The most significant thing about M-pesa is the fact that it is a reminder that you have to know your environment very well in order to create lasting and useful solutions to the existing problems.


So truthfully, how many of these inventions did you know?

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