These jobs may not exist in the next 10 years because of robots.

Are machines stealing our jobs? As technology advances, people are becoming more and more useless in the workplace. People are being replaced with faster and more efficient machines that can work 24 hours in a day, require little to no supervision and best of all, machines dont need to be paid! Here are some jobs that are being taken over by robots:  1. Live human operators- To be a consumer today is to deal with robot customer service reps. While these automated operators don’t make you feel particularly valued by the companies you patronize. It’s likely that an increasing number of companies will opt for their customers to deal directly with that algorithm—either on the phone or through the Web—rather than spend the money for a mass bank of human operators. Image result for live human operators2. Delivery people- The post office is in the midst of a decades-long descent into nothingness. Of course, the one thing the post office could always depend on is being tasked with delivering packages—you can’t email those over the internet. But even this last saving grace for the post office may soon be on its way out, as an increasing number of companies experiment with drone delivery. Drones are traceable, versatile, and don’t need annoying things like sleep, pay, or union benefits; they are every company’s dream employee. Related image

3. Assembly line workers- Assembly and industrial robots controlled by computers can assemble cars and other products and have been since the late 1950’s. Today, almost all large manufacturing jobs use robots to make millions of different products efficiently and at a low cost. Image result for assembly line workers

4. Bartenders- There are already companies working on and implementing systems that can be used to replace bartenders that serve alcohol or coffee drinks. Services like Briggo are replacing baristas and can even learn and store how to make your favorite drink. Don’t believe us? watch this: Image result for bartenders

5. Soldiers- Today, many militaries already use autonomous and remotely flying drones as a replacement for many missions and many militaries are also researching and creating robots that can be used to replace human ground soldiers. These robots can be deployed to guard an area, assist soldiers in carrying heavy gear, and even be made to detect and attack enemies. Image result for soldiers

Sources: ComputerHope, PcMag


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