You can do THAT on Facebook?

Don’t you just hate it when videos automatically play? Or when you want to look at a post again but you can’t remember who posted it? Unless you have an abundance of data or a photographic memory, this can be very annoying. These surprising features can help:

  • Look for posts– Facebook search is now really good at searching for posts that have been shared with you. If you’re looking for something specific a friend has posted, type their name and a keyword, and the post will appear in the results.
  • Disable read receipts– Facebook allows you to disable read receipts. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to reply because you’re not in the mood, then you should disable “Seen” receipts so people don’t know you’re ignoring them.Download the Facebook Unseen Chrome extension or install Chat Undetected for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, You won’t be able to see when people have read your messages.
  • Hide your friends list– Go to your Friends tab and go all the way over on the right, click Edit Privacy. Change the Friends List setting to Only Me.
  • Only allow specific people to see your posts– Before you complain about your boss, maybe hide him or her from the post. In the “Who should see this?” menu next to the Post button, select Custom and add the undesired friend to the Don’t share this with list.
  • Turning off automatic play– Turning off those auto-play videos will also save your data plan! Open the Facebook app, go to Settings and then to Videos and Photos then click on Auto-play and slide to disable Smart Auto-play, then select Use WiFi Only. This allows videos to only play when you are connected to a WiFi source.
  • Ignore random people’s chats– On the desktop, open the chat window, click on the gear icon in the upper right, click Advanced Settings. Then, Turn off chat for all friends or Turn off chat for only some friends and add friend lists or names of people you’d like to ignore.
  • Save stories to read later– There are a lot of articles shared every day on Facebook, and there isn’t enough time in the day to click on all of them. Tap or click the Share button and then Save Link. All of your bookmarked articles will appear on in the Saved tap in the left column (desktop) or in the More tab or the Saved tab on the mobile app.
  • Send money to friends through messenger– Have you ever noticed the little $ icon in Facebook Messenger chats? You can use it to pay Facebook friends up to $10,000 per month. The feature is similar to PayPal, Venmo, or Square Cash. You can only pay via debit card, which you can enter when you go to Facebook settings and click on Payments.

Full Article: Buzzfeed

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