Nigerian Samsung offices raided.

According to a report by Nigerian Communications Week, on Tuesday the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) raided and sealed the premises of Samsung West Africa in Victoria Island, Lagos, for failure to register some of its products on the market in Nigeria.

According to Mr. Bola Fashina, head of Public Relations of SON, the raid was in accordance with the requirements of the SON Act 14 of 2015. Bola in the statement said that, the Act requires for every product imported into Nigeria to be registered with SON for tracing and confirmation of quality status.

He said that SON records showed that many Samsung products in the Nigerian markets were not registered. He explained that the facility would be reopened once the company registered all of its products as required by law.

“We are in the era of ensuring ease of doing business in Nigeria within the laws of the land.” Fashina said.

He said that the representatives of the company claimed ignorance of the need to register the products, and that they did not import or sell products but they only marketed them.

Fashina said that it was the duty of the distributors to register the products.

Source: itsnewsAfrica

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