Is it possible to take down the internet?

Every continent has internet connection, but can it actually be taken down? Here are a number of ways it can be taken down:

Cutting the wires

Bringing down a couple – or even all – of the satellites will actually do little to cut Internet traffic. Yes, it will cause an amazing amount of issues, but the Internet will most likely live on. At this point, roughly 99 percent of global Web traffic is dependent on deep-sea networks of fiber-optic cables that blanket the ocean floor like a nervous system. These are major tangible targets – creating very real choke points in the system. As much as three-fourths of the international communications between the Middle East and Europe have been carried by two undersea cables, SeaMeWe-4 and FLAG Telecom’s FLAG Europe-Asia cable. The wires can’t just be cut, however, a strategic strike that will take out the fiber optic cables or damage the entire wire will. If this is done at choke points you can disable or almost completely halt global Internet traffic.

Destroy root servers

Root servers are responsible for decoding (.com, .net, .org. ) names before aligning them with the correct IP address. If you take out these servers, the Internet will no longer recognize the alphabet when you type in an address. There are only 13 servers that do this. Effectively, if you take these servers down, the only way to use the Internet will be with a physical piece of paper, a pen and a way to remember every site’s IP address.

Cyber warfare/political

China, Iran, North Korea, Syria and a few other countries already have an “Internet Kill Switch.” We’ve seen an entire country go dark. When Syrian and Egyptian rebels were posting pictures of the conflict, the government simply flipped a “switch.” This is what happened:      Egypt-All_outages_zoom2akamai-internet-traffic-data

Article taken from: Data Center Knowledge

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