How the introduction of technology changed Mauritius.

With the recent expansion of Internet, social media and communication, which has reached a point where pretty, much anything is nowadays accessible with the simple touch of a button. 


Technology has improved the lives of the Mauritians. With the help of electronic components, they are able to read books online. Even the way their students learned have changed, today they do not have to go to the library to look for notes and do their research works.

Before, they had to wait at least six months or more before watching a movie at the theater. With technology, this is not the case. Once a movie is at the cinema, you can either watch it online (stream) or download the movie and watch it later. Be it acoustic, jazz, blues, rock, or classical music, you can listen your favorite’s music through YouTube and even download it. In terms of entertainment, there are games too. Nowadays, online games are becoming very popular and games like Candy Crush, and angry birds are easily accessible on our cell phones.

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Telecommunications had an early beginning in Mauritius, with the first telephone line installed in 1883, seven years after the invention of the telephone. Over the years, the network and telephony has improved. By the late 20th century, the rapid development and convergence of information and telecommunication technologies gave rise to an ICT industry on the island along with many incentives provided by the government. The first telephone line was set up between the Colony Governor’s residence in Reduit and the Government House in Port Louis. The telephone network was maintained by the Electricity and Telephone Department till 1956. From that date, the telecommunications department took that responsibility.



To make sure that there is a sufficient pool of suitably qualified personnel, the ICT Skills Development Program will be expanded to cover training for the unemployed youths, especially to those who do not have a job placement.

The government is establishing a Scheme where the ICT companies that recruit a minimum of 100 employees will be allowed to bring in a quota of foreign qualified employees. Hence, this will encourage the big global ICT companies to set up their companies in Mauritius. WiFi hotspots will be enhanced from 15 to 350. Image result for ministry of finance in Mauritius

The Ministry of Finance has stated that the government will provide RS125 million ($1,943,100) to a National Innovation Program. The principle objectives of the main Program is to promote new culture of research and development and to give an encouragement to the creation of new and innovative products and services.

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