Affordable Internet A Reality with Express Wifi

Facebook makes Affordable Internet a reality
Express Wifi introduced in Kenya

Surf Kenya -an internet WiFi hotspot and home WiFi provider-  and Facebook launched Express WiFi in Kenya in March. The initiative, born from both organisations believe in affordable internet access being available to all, rolled out 100 Express WiFi hotspots in several communities in the Nairobi area.

Speaking at the launch of Express WiFi, Mark Summer, CEO Surf said, “Surf’s mission is to expand the Kenyan consumers’ options for internet access by offering fast, radically affordable internet services where they live, work and play. We’re excited to roll-out Express WiFi widely to Kenyan consumers. We are honoured to be working with Facebook, who powers Express WiFi, and Internet Solutions, formerly Access Kenya, who is our service provider partner enabling us to expand rapidly throughout the country.”

The WiFi hotspots are focused in areas where people gather for work, transit or entertainment such as markets, matatu (privately owned minibuses) stages and spots.

“Our success in the market to date is that we are offering a high speed, high-quality Internet hotspot service at a very affordable rate to consumers — particularly in public areas near where they work and go for entertainment. Additionally, our local retailer partners who host and sell our service have made it easy to get the news out to our customer base that we are available in their locations,” said Surf Kenya managing director Mark Summer.

Nairobi’s coverage includes hotspots at Technical University of Kenya, KCA and Zetech universities. There are plans to set up more hotspots in Western, Coastal and Central Kenya towns.Surf is working with local entrepreneurs to host and sell the Express WiFi service. The entrepreneurs offer the service around their locations and customers can purchase a range of packages.

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