Online Start-Up Academy Launched For African Entrepreneurs

online entrepreneurship academy for africa
VC4A invests in entrepreneurs with online start up academy

African startup ecosystem support organisation Venture Captial 4 Africa (VC4A) has launched its Startup Academy. It is offering direct access to expertise that has been proven to work for successful entrepreneurs and investors operating across Africa.

The Africa platform for startup funding, VC4A (Venture Capital for Africa) is a fast growing community of business professionals in 159 countries dedicated to building game changing companies on the companies on the continent. It started with the mission to build up Africa’s start up community. Started in 2007, the network building organization has grown organically over the years into what is now the leading community working to build high growth high impact companies on the continent.

VC4A said the VC4A Startup Academy will help entrepreneurs take their startups to the next step. They will learn about the latest insights, downloading tools and listen to advice from at least 35 experts active in the emerging African startup ecosystem.

The Academy is broken down into three learning courses, each focused on a different life-stage of an emerging business.

The first course, “Start your business”,  introduces participants to the main issues that come up during the founding stage of a startup. Course two, “Grow your business”,  covers what is needed after a startup finds its feet and is ready to scale, and/ the third, “Finance your business” , discusses different funding concepts and tips on how to raise capital.

Experts featured in the content include the likes of Tomi Davies of the Lagos Angel Network (LAN), Rebecca Enonchong of the African Business Angel Network (ABAN), Brett Commaille of AngelHub Ventures, Fatoumata Ba of Jumia, Emeka Afigbo of Facebook and Wim van der Beek of Goodwell Investments.

The content is available free of charge and can be accessed by members registered on VC4A. After each module, participants can test their learning by taking a quiz and unlocking a personalised certificate that can be downloaded.

Graduates from the VC4A Startup Academy gain access to the VC4A Mentorship Marketplace, select startup opportunities and fundraising tools.

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