Excellent Email Automation will Increase Your Revenue

Can i make money from Email Automation?
Increase Revenue with Email Automation

If you own an online store and are painfully aware that your potential clients never fill up their carts, abandon their carts or have stopped visiting your shop then it’s more probable to assume your revenue has felt the brunt of this. Online shops open your business to the world. The only hindrance is when you have absolutely no way of engaging your increased clients, both potential and active. You leave them no other choice but to wander off to other online stores whose digital marketing campaigns may be stronger and more compelling.

Encouraging interested clients to subscribe to your newsletter is an awesome idea but does not guarantee their loyalty. Eventually, a large portion of these subscribers might unsubscribe if you do not push out any content that feels relevant to them. Your clients don’t want to be overloaded with a general view of what you have for them. They want a bespoke and emotive approach to their needs and what they are most concerned about. Email Automation is your best bet.

What is email automation?

When you first signed up for your Google email address, you received a welcome message that was custom-made for you. Any time you sign into your mail on a different device, you get another notification that prompts you of the new access made into your account. These are examples of automation. Email Automation is a form of marketing sent to specific individuals in your contact list once they meet a certain trigger. In the examples above, your first trigger was being a new signee to the email service and this prompted the system to send you a welcome email. In the second instance, your trigger was to sign into a new device with your email address.

Email Automation is in no way limited to the two instances just online shops. It can be used for almost all services provided. Schools can use email marketing to update prospective students about step-by-step processes for applying to the school or what to expect once they gain admission. Health services can prompt patients about upcoming appointments and create personalized patient connections. The list and examples are unending.

What can email automation do for you?

Email automation works on a basic trigger and action system (i.e. when a particular action occurs let that trigger a specific email or emails to be sent). Email automation can be of help when spamming is in question. This is because mails are only sent on particular triggers. Here’s how email automation can help grow your business.

Welcome New Users

Welcoming new users onto your platform isn’t cliche. It is a way to remind them of your service and thank them for choosing to subscribe to your service in particular. With the welcome email you can inform new users of offers made specifically for them and a summary of your services. Remember your welcome email should not contain a long essay about your products or large unnecessary images.

Increase product or service usage

It’s been three months since a particular client signed up to your platform but there are no signs of any purchase or usage. You can solve this by implementing a trigger that automatically sends an email to these customers reminding them of your product or service and offering tips. This is one way to increase the use of your product or service.

Update your customers

If you are running any promotions, reductions or remind your clients of their subscription renewals, automate the process by setting specific triggers for emails to be sent. Keep your customers informed.

Surprise them!

Have you received an email from any service provider wishing you happy birthday or congratulating you on your anniversary? It was most likely automated. Delight your customers by remembering and wishing them the best during significant milestones in their lives. Doing this increases the probability of customer loyalty to your brand.

As a business owner, your clients are your surest way to making more money. In order to retain them, you will need to delight and engage them by using content which is targeted and automated.

Email marketing and automation is an impactful way to grow your business and keep your clients happy. Tools like Qikli simplify automation and email marketing to help drive revenue for your business now and in years to come.

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