Nigeria’s First Free Online Legal Consultation Service

free legal consultation
LegitNG: First Free Online 24 Hour Legal Consultation

LegitNG, an online legal content and referral platform, after their launch, on 1 October 2017, has become the first free 24 hour online legal consultation service in Nigeria.

They are committed to providing access to legal knowledge and services in Nigeria to all Nigerians. The online platform also works as a start-up registration and advisory platform providing onboarding services to new Nigerian businesses and NGOs across several sectors of the Nigerian economy.

As part of its goal of easing access to legal expertise, Legitng’s online 24-hour legal consultation platforms provides a team of Nigerian law experts are available to answer questions on Nigerian law within 24 hours for free. The company is able to provide this service through a well cultivated network of on-call legal experts specialising in different aspects of Nigerian law available to provide information on request.

According to Enyioma Madubuike, Legitng team lead, this service is targeted particularly at startups and new Nigerian businesses who constantly struggle with accessing quality legal expertise needed in the early years of a company’s growth. Enyioma, who had before joining the team worked extensively in one of Nigeria’s most prestigious law firms explained that where the desired level of needed expertise is found, it is often priced above the reach of normal Nigerian startups.

According Legitng, the company is committed to ease the access to quality legal information and continues to experiment with models to provide legal information to those who really need it. It has also launched the #Asklegitng hashtag for its twitter page for the same purpose.

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