Ethiopian Airlines Group Is Digitising Their Processes

ethiopian airlines goes paperless
Ethiopian Airlines Goes Paperless

Ethiopian Airlines Group has digitised all of its internal work processes. The digitalisation process has been taking place aggressively for the past seven years with an investment of 50 million dollars.

According to the company, the move will ensure cost-effective and efficient service provisions of the enterprise. The company said it will use paper only when communicating with external stakeholders such as the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority and Ethiopian Airports Enterprise.

Ethiopian Airlines started the digitalisation process two decades ago for ticketing, boarding and sales services. But it has begun the digitalisation process for the internal work such as flight operations, business, finance, human resource management (HRM), customer services and procurement for the past ten years.

“Although we started the digitisation project in the last few years, today marks an important milestone in our history as we are removing paper from our entire business processes,” said Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines.

Tewolde said that Ethiopian has become a green airline by using young and modern fleet that use less fuel and has minimal carbon emission. “Now by avoiding paper, we ensure that we operate a green airline.”

The digital system includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which integrates planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources, Application Service Provider (ASP), a computer-based service to attend to customers over a network without installing software on computers.

The company has also shifted from ID card to biometric systems application, using the fingerprint identification to detect the person whose data is already registered in the system.

According to Tewolde, in order to avoid cyber attacks, the company tested its IT security systems.

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