WhatsApp: The Nightmare of Getting Hacked

whatsapp hack
Getting Hacked On WhatsApp


Has your whatsapp been hacked yet?

If not, that’s a great relief. If yes, we hope you have full control of your account by now. Many have pointed out security issues with the app almost half the world is using – Whatsapp. Though security has improved on the phone via end to end encryptions and many other updates, there’s still a lot more to be done to keep Whatsapp safe. Over the weekend, a number of people experienced a lull in whatsapp’s security and weren’t in anyway amused.

Hackers have moved from sending generic promotional messages which when tapped will automatically send to all your contacts to this new method. A cyclical technique which employs the use of a text message from a contact as the first bait. The first prey receives a text message from an unknown number. Usually, this text comes with a code and a link to verify your phone. Eg.

This is the part where everything gets tricky and messier. Usually a known contact of yours will send a whatsapp message asking that you forward the code received in the text to them. The whatsapp message is usually brief and sounds urgent and is an indication of a fact: that contact has already been hacked and most likely their account is being used to get your contact.

You open yourself to get hacked by forwarding the code to the contact who asked for it. Once you hit the send icon in your whatsapp, you get logged out of your whatsapp account and the hacker has access to your account for a few hours.

Question is what exactly does the hacker do with your account once they gain access. They either go through the whole process and get your other contacts hacked, ask for money from your contacts in your name or basically destroy your online reputation by posting content you normally wouldn’t do.

As the internet and apps get more integrated in our daily lives, it is needful on our part as users to verify information and processes before we proceed to share or act on them. They may have hacked into just your whatsapp account this time, however, the next time they might decide to get dirtier.


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