The disappearance of Mudclo

Mudclo is down

We all heard of the release of Mudclo and the media hype that surrounded the “search engine likely to rival Google”. Mudclo was advertised as a video search engine to rival Google and Youtube, built by a 19-year-old sociology student who learnt how to code and develop in his spare time.

Although what he achieved was no small feat, Ghanaian developers were up in arms at the misrepresentation of Mudclo and what it could do.

Mudclo, as far as I can understand, is a search site that basically presents search results from all the video search engines, and then puts all of them in one place. For example, if you want an Ed Sheeran video, it will bring all the videos together, from different providers, and present them to you. It is built on the APIs (Application Programming Interface) of existing search engines and puts the results all in one place, making it easily accessible to the user. A metasearch website. Instead of searching for a video on three different sites, you look for it in one. Pretty nifty to be honest.

However, the media declared it to be the African Youtube, a search engine set it to rival Google and Youtube. The misrepresentation set quite a few teeth on edge. Tech blogger, Claude Ayitey, was unhappy with the publicity given saying it was a false representation of what the site actually was “…[it’s] just as absurd as it is for someone to say they can prepare a meal just because they have been to several 5-star restaurants, that’s the same absurdity and erroneous information this website presents.
“I find it insulting that amidst all the several fraudulent exposes of software hypocrisies, someone who just comes up with a website because he knows APIs can come to say they are building an app that will rival YouTube. Yea, it’s good to build stuff but don’t go out there claiming to be what you’re not. That is fraud!”.

The complaints about the site were made worse when the site crashed a few weeks after it was announced. Since July, the site has been “temporarily down due to security reasons”. All social media channels connected to Mudclo have been inactive since July.

The general idea behind Mudclo was definitely a great one and the initiative should have been followed up. The general uproar developed due to the media hyping up the search site to be something it was not. The site should certainly be revived and maybe more honestly advertised. We hope this isn’t the last you’ve heard of Mudclo

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