PushStatus – Saving WhatsApp Statuses Smartly

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Innovation is all about the making the lives of people easier. Today on CBT  we feature the works of Kwame Twum, a man who wishes to make your Whatsapp life easier with his app PushStatus.

PushStatus – Saving WhatsApp Statuses Smartly 

I know you have been in that situation before – where you see an awesome status from one of your friends. The next “logical” thing to do will be to ask for the friend to send it to you. You go like: ‘Please send this to me”. Don’t be shy, we’ve all been there before.

Oh yes. The obvious thing is to ask for it straight up (just kidding). One old method was to use the popular app ES File Explorer. Browse through some strange folders, copy the preferred photo, copy and paste somewhere. It’s boring, I know.

So here’s comes a proper solution. What if I told you, there’s an app that can handle all this wahala for you. And truly there is. Simply install, and you’re good to go. Name of the app is PushStatus. It is only available for Android for now.

PushStatus – Download from the Google Play Store

How PushStatus Works

  • Recommend media files to other PushStatus users and get recommended pictures and videos from others.
  • Allows you to download photos and videos from the status of friends and share with the public or other friends.
  • Save selected statuses to your gallery to keep these images/videos forever. Even when they expire after 24 hours.
  •  Get recommended videos and photos to use as Status , DP or Wallpaper.
  • Recommend videos and photos to other PushStatus users.
  • Get access to your friends’ statuses and save the ones you like!

PushStatus will save you a lot of trouble of trying to save those nice photos/videos you want from your friends, but a little too shy to ask for. Loved it? Why not share this post with your friends. Let them know that you don’t need their permission anymore ????


This article first appeared on adjeikofi.com

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