AfricaHackon: Ghana Chapter Announced At Mobex ’17

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AfricaHackon establishing a Ghana Chapter

AfricaHackon partnering with ISA and Netwatch Ghana, of which these 3 groups are Information Security training and awareness groups, exhibited at the third edition of the African ICT and Mobile Expo.

AfricaHackon which has been in existence in Kenya since 2013 is a yearly conference organized by Dr Bright Gameli Mawudor, PhD. It centers around cybersecurity and aims to raise awareness on information security risks in our cyberspace, train the general public on how to protect themselves in the cyberspace, train upcoming youth in Cybersecurity and serve as an exhibition grounds for everyone who has Cybersecurity knowledge.

AfricaHackOn has seen a significant boost after Kenya tech giant Safaricom offered assistance through funding its most recent conference and has gone far by training some of Africa’s best Cybersecurity practitioners worldwide and also help raise awareness to some risks.

The AfricaHackon team in collaboration with ISA and Netwatch Ghana, demonstrated some fascinating live hack awareness at the end of the Day one of the MOBEX 17 event. Some of these included mobile phone session theft, Wi-Fi sniff attack, rubber ducky attack among others.

AfricaHackOn has its base in Nairobi but announced, during MOBEX ’17, the launch of the Ghana Chapter of this movement and promised that the public would be made aware of how to be a member and and when the Ghana Version of the AfricaHackon would be happening next year.

Through the art of leverage, AfricaHackon aims to create a pool of expertise by bringing together individuals with multidisciplinary knowledge to the table.

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