“Pay Like A Boss” Campaign Hits Mobile Payments.

On Wednesday, 1st November at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Slydepay laid claim to the “Pay Like A Boss” teasers which have been seen across Accra over the past few weeks. The ‘Pay Like A Boss’ campaign launch was graced by a variety of individuals including developers of the app, users and partners.  

The world is increasingly becoming cashless and Ghana is no different. Slydepay is a locally-developed electronic payments platform that enables individuals, businesses, and institutions receive and send payments across a variety of channels including mobile phones, bank accounts, and payment cards(VISA & MasterCard).

At the launch, Mr Derrydean Dadzie,  the CEO of DreamOval (developers of Slydepay) stated: “Money is a vital part of our day to day activities. We make transactions by the minute. No matter what you do for a career or earn for a living, we want to encourage you to do so like a BOSS. Be a BOSS in everything you do – post like a boss on Facebook, watch your favourite football team matches like a boss and most importantly pay for all your transactions like a boss. This campaign is tailor-made to ignite the BOSS in You!”

Slydepay unveiled an official a seal (Boss Mark) to authenticate the essence of paying like a boss. The seal as you see below is a mark that differentiates people who pay with Slydepay from the rest. The Boss Mark, conveys inner wealth, leadership, control, progress and ambition.

You are Boss in your own right. It does not matter what you do, where you work, what you wear, your tribe or what team you support. You are boss if you are in control of the decisions you take. A Boss is a leader and exudes ambition, vision and progress. I know you are one. You have to pay like the Boss that you are .“ Derrydean Dadzie, conveyed

Mr Claud Hutchful, Lead of Product Development at DreamOval explained further that: ‘Slydepay is an app that celebrates inclusiveness. The app can be downloaded on any smartphone channel and it is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, the Windows Store as well as USSD (*718*25#).

Slydepay also lets you buy airtime, pay bills (Water, DSTV, ECG, StarTimes etc), pay business and e-commerce shops that are accept mobile money payments and card payments. You can also pay insurance Premiums for Enterprise Life, StarLife and ESICH life on Slydepay. For persons who are big on investing, Slydepay lets you invest in Stanlib Investment products.

Answering questions in an interview about Slydepay’s security, Derrydean Dadzie gave firm assurance to the general public that Slydepay was built on world-class security protocols and therefore one of the most secure payment platforms you can find anywhere in the world.

As part of the unveiling, Mr Claud Hutchful also announced a new feature on the updated app – SlydeRemit. This feature allows users to send money from slydepay to another bank account.

EL was at the launch. The Pay Like A Boss hit artiste gave his stamp of approval, citing that his latest song “Pay Like A Boss” was composed primarily to accompany the Slydepay campaign. You can listen to it here.

He commented that he believed Slydepay was encouraging Ghana to emulate the American attitude in embracing Fintech technology and a cashless society.

Before the launch ended the Slydepay Team entreated all who attended to not just pay like a boss but live everyday life like a boss.

To learn more about Slydepay and what you can do with it click here.

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