IROKOtv! Pink Kiosk At A Junction Near You

IROKOtv, one of Nigeria’s largest internet and entertainment companies, has launched in Accra. IROKOtv will bring great movies and original TV series to Ghanaian fans.

For their launch in Accra, IROKOtv has rolled out over 25 bright pink kiosks across Accra, that will enable users to download Ghanaian and Nigerian movies and TV series directly onto their mobile devices, without using any of their data allowance. This seems to be the strategy that made them successful in Nigeria.

Kiosks can be found in areas including Accra Mall, A & C Mall, Oxford Street Osu, VVIP Circle, KFC Haatso, Pure Fire Ministry Achimota, Adenta SSNIT Fats, Accra Polytechnic, National Lottery, Accra Central and Lagos Avenue.

Jackie Appiah, a Ghanaian Ambassador for IROKOTV commented, “I have worked with IROKOtv since their earliest days, and am so proud that they are now coming to Accra to bring even more amazing Ghanaian and Nollywood content to our fans here. The IROKOtv app is really easy to use, the selection of movies is really impressive and now, especially with the free downloads from the kiosks, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re in hair and makeup on-set, which is where I often catch up on my content, or you’re on the trotro headed to work, you can watch your favourite stars anytime, anywhere”.

IROKOtv will be launching across Accra with a team of nearly 30 and expect the number of staff to increase to 140 by the end of November, to bring 100% Ghanaian and Nigerian movies and TV series to subscribers’ mobile phones, for only GHC 25 for a one-year subscription. GHS 25!

The kiosks will be staffed six days a week – from Monday to Saturday – and movie fans can purchase subscriptions, download the app on their smart phones, and download movies directly onto their phone, data free.

Jason Njoku, CEO of IROKO added: “Ghanaian movies and Nollywood are part of the fabric of African entertainment; the very best of African storytelling. We know that our Ghanaian neighbours cannot get enough great content, but that data costs have all too often been prohibitive to them watching content online. We hope that with the launch of the IROKOtv kiosks across Ghana that provide data-free downloads, and a one-year subscription to IROKOtv at just GHC 25, we will be able to build an even bigger community of online Nollywood fans here in Ghana”.

The thought of downloading movies and series without using any of your own data for a GHC25 per year subscription is certainly a very tempting offer but it begs the question, how exactly is that achieved? Do the kiosks offer free Wi-Fi to customers? What about if you wish to download the series from the comfort of your home?

You can experience the service by downloading any of their mobile apps, Android, iOS or Windows Store.

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