Paid Waiting Time: Don’t Keep Your Uber Drivers Waiting

Paid waiting time added to uber app

Uber announced Paid Wait Time, a feature to make the Uber experience more productive and less stressful for driver-partners and their passengers. As part of Uber’s commitment to put driver-partners first, it has promised to continuously work on improving the app to ensure drive-partners have only a positive experience with the app, by addressing every concern.

Long wait times can be stressful for driver-partners. By the time they arrive at the pick-up location, the driver has already invested fuel, time and effort in getting to a rider.

With the “Paid Waiting Time” policy, Uber will ensure driver-partners get paid per minute if a rider keeps them waiting for more than five minutes after the driver arrives at their pick-up location. With arrival times now just a few minutes, riders need to only request a ride when it’s time to leave.

Paid wait time will kick in 5 minutes after you arrive at the pick-up point and until you start the trip. How does it work? You’ll see a timer in the app indicating that wait time is being charged. Paid wait time only applies if the trip is completed and will be shown on the trip receipt with any dynamic pricing applied.  

Lola Kassim, General Manager for Uber West Africa, explained that, “The Paid Wait Time feature is a simple addition that riders will be able to quickly adapt to, but importantly, it makes a big difference to driver-partners efficiency and contribute to that stress-free experience that we aim to achieve.”

Last month, Uber announced new features for driver-partners (Arrival Time, Long Trip Notification and Rating Protection) that have made it even easier for driver-partners across Ghana to choose when, where, and how they drive.

“We know that these features are addressing key concerns of driver-partners and we understand their frustrations. These features focus on three keys areas: more flexibility for drivers when it comes to when they want to use Uber, using our technology to create a stress-free experience, and building on safety,” Kassim added.

With the new ratings policy, these types of ratings won’t count towards a drivers score.

Uber will still get the feedback to help them improve but it won’t impact the driver’s overall rating.

Uber’s goal is to help riders and drivers connect quickly and easily, so they can get on their way, and Uber hopes these new updates provide the flexibility to test new ideas and improve the reliability of the Uber app for everyone.

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