AirtelTigo: Two Telcos, One Big Happy Family

airtel and tigo merger

Airtel and Tigo, providers of mobile telecommunication services in Ghana, on Monday announced the launch of a joint brand that will advance their commitment to providing the best mobile and fixed telephone service and solutions to consumers and businesses.

The talents, technologies and tactical expertise of Airtel and Tigo are now unified as AirtelTigo.

News of the merger has been circulating for a while and not too long ago, the National Communications Authority (NCA) approved the merger for the two telco companies.

Aside from the official unveiling of the new company name and logo, executives for the merged entity were also officially out-doored today.

Tigo’s MD, Roshi Motman assumes the role of CEO of the new entity now known as AirtelTigo. The merger makes AirtelTigo, the second largest telecom company in Ghana with 22 percent of the market share.

Some of the new executive members of AirtelTigo include Mufti Shaban (COO), Kwame Annor (HR) and Bright Owusu Bempah.

At a staff durbar where the new brand identity was revealed, the new CEO, Roshi Motman, said the joint brand name and identity is a natural progression following extensive customer engagements.

“The combined name brings clarity and simplicity and continues on the brand journey of former Airtel and Tigo. Our new business is a combination of our strengths and positions us perfectly to bring greater value, deeper insights, and bigger and better solutions to all our customers”, she said.  

In earnest, AirtelTigo has started to integrate and harmonise their operations – combining resources and services to deliver greater value to Ghanaians.

The first thematic campaign as a joint entity, ‘yabͻmu’, which means ‘we’ve joined’ has kicked off and will be rolled out nationwide to engage customers on the commitment of the of the merged business.  

Under the bigger theme of ‘One big family’, AirtelTigo has already harmonised calls from the former Airtel to Tigo and vice-versa.

Calls charges are now treated as though they are one network.  

Roshi Motman, the CEO of AirtelTigo promised more exciting offers for customers of both networks while they integrate into one network.    

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