Nigerian Start-Up Launches On-Demand Electrician Service

on demand electrician services

Nigerian startup launched its on-demand electrician service last week Friday, the 17th of November. The newly launched service is an on-call service that looks to offer easy access to installation and repair services as well as six-months warranty to all clients who take advantage of the platform.

Installng is Nigeria’s first indegeneous online company that provides electrical services all aound Lagos, Nigeria. They provide all sorts of electrical services like installations, repairs and servicing of all electrical items ranging from ac, cctv, generators

The service began signing up electricians as of the beginning of November, and revealed that the startup has already signed up over 100 electricians specialising in a variety of jobs, and has already begun taking requests.

Co-founder Gentle Agoh is an electrical engineer who noticed the low rate of technology adoption in Nigeria and saw a need to connect electricians with customers in a more efficient way.4

 “It has been both interesting and challenging as we have to deal with ensuring we create the product our customers will love, and also get more clients. We are currently serving Lagos State residents and companies, with plans to move to other major key states in Nigeria next year,” said Agoh. charges a commission for using the service, and is currently has minimal financial resources but is looking to expand their services.

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