MEST To Strengthen Presence Across Africa

Mest setting up in Kenya with Metta
Aaron Fu (left) Lawrence Morgan (right)

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), a Pan-African entrepreneurial training program, seed fund, and incubator, has partnered with Mettā Nairobi – a global entrepreneur network that connects people, ideas, and resources – to offer incubator space for Kenya-based MEST alumni, as part of efforts to strengthen its presence across the continent. MEST alumni in Nairobi will receive access to working space, events and Mettā’s global network.

MEST recently acquired spaces in Nigeria, Cape Town, South Africa and Ivory Coast in an effort to expand its training program beyond Ghana. The Metta Nairobi office will see it establish a space in Kenya. Metta already has branches in Hong Kong and Nairobi.

MEST has also invested in over 40 African startups. The Nairobi space will act as an extension of the flagship Accra incubator, offering support to graduates beyond the MEST training program.

“This partnership with Metta only adds to that value proposition, enabling a clear network effect with a like-minded African ecosystem player that has global roots,” said Katie Sarro, MEST Director of Partnerships. “We’re extremely excited to put our combined expertise together to support MEST alumni currently doing business in Nairobi or those looking to expand to East Africa in the near future.”

“With Mettā and MEST both having founders at the centre of their operations and DNA, it was easy to come together and partner to have the MEST cohort call Mettā home,” said Mettā’s General Manager Maurice Otieno. “MEST and Mettā have always been happy working together. This is just a culmination of our wonderful relationship.”

In order to offer MEST companies and alumni a similar level of support to what they had at MEST Accra in their respective countries, MEST has doubled down on its expansion plans for its Incubation arm to the rest of the continent. Additional Incubator launches are planned in key African markets later in 2017 after Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and, Ivory Coast.

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