Invites Out For Samsung Galaxy 9 Launch Next Month

Samsung Galaxy 9 Launch Invite

Samsung sent out invites this evening to its planned Galaxy S9 launch event next month, which is now slated for February 25th in Barcelona.

Samsung sent to tech reporters and bloggers on Wednesday.

It was assumed by the larger public Samsung was saving the reveal of its next flagship smartphone for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) conference in Spain, which officially runs from February 26th to March 1st. But now we have a date and time, with the Samsung Unpacked event kicking off a day ahead of MWC’s start. The event will be live streamed via Samsung’s website on Sunday, February 25th, 5.00pm GMT.

Samsung’s invitation shows a large purple “9” on a black background, highlighting the words “The camera. Reimagined.” The invitation doesn’t offer much in the way of hints, but it does give credence to rumors that the S9 will improve its camera performance. One or both of the S9 phones are expected to use a dual-camera setup, the second to do so after 2017’s Galaxy Note 8.

MWC is a crucial opportunity for brands to showcase their new phones for 2018, and Samsung will be its most important anchor by far. While Samsung has a long history of introducing Galaxy devices at MWC, it’s also unwrapped them at standalone events later in March. Last year the Galaxy S8 was absent from the MWC showcase,which was noticed by all.

According to numerous reports, Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagship phones will feature a design that is quite similar to last year’s models. The biggest visible differences are on the back, where the fingerprint sensor has been centered and placed below the camera lens.

The larger Galaxy S9+ is expected to have a dual-lens rear camera while the smaller S9 model will have a single lens camera. As we can see in the invitation, Samsung has apparently made some big strides in terms of camera quality, and the chatter we’ve heard from our trusted sources suggests the company is about to unveil the most impressive camera phones the world has ever seen.

Beyond the cameras and external design, we can expect upgraded internal components including next-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon and Samsung Exynos processors. As has been the case with all of Samsung’s recent flagship phones, the processor will vary based on region. We’ve also heard that the larger Galaxy S9+ will have 6GB of RAM while the smaller model packs 4GB.


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