5 Top Technologies for Ghana’s National Cathedral

Ghana's Cathedral

“The Cathedral will address the missing link in our nation’s architecture by providing a Church of national purpose. It will be an interdenominational house of worship and prayer, as well as serve as the venue for formal state occasions of a religious nature, such as presidential inaugurations, state funerals, and national thanksgiving services.” President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana stated.

The above statement definitely caused a stir in the Ghanaian community. Almost all conversations on social media platforms veered towards whether Ghana truly needed a ‘Bg New Church’. Let’s steer away from the heat of these conversations and take a look at the top 5 technologies that should definitely feature in the new edifice.


First on our list is a digital footprint- website. Having a strong website helps provide enough information on services, upcoming events on calendars and images. The National Cathedral will serve as Ghana’s religious footprint it must definitely have a digital presence.

Digital Payments

Owing to BOG’s goal of making Ghana a cash-lite society, it is needful that this agenda be pushed even further in the National Cathedral. There should be no or limited exchange of physical cash at the premises. This is regardless of whether payments have to be made for tithe, offering, books or to fund a project. Government should ensure mobile money wallets, mobile money apps and Visa/Mastercards be put to good use at the premises.

Full Body Scanners

Security will be essential for a state Cathedral as grand as the one Ghanaians envision Sir David Adjaye will build. Full body scanners should be placed at all entrances. This will ensure harmful metallic objects, which would not easily be identifiable by the ordinary eye, do not enter the cathedral.

CCTV System

What are full body scanners with no cameras to monitor and ensure safety in the cathedral is standardised? A CCTV system installed in the hallways as well as the main and smaller chapels will help ensure surveillance and security are excellent.

Cloud-Based Management System

Excellence should not just characterise the structure of Ghana’s National Cathedral but also its management. All ERP tasks in the cathedral should employ the use of cloud services: administration, finance, HR to mention a few.

Do you have any other suggestions for Technology that should feature in Ghana’s New Cathedral?
Drop them below.

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    Asoriba (asoriba.com) church management software will be able to meet the needs of the building.
    Specifically: Digital Payments, Website and Cloud-Based Management System.

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