Jumia Foods’ New Competitor might be Uber Eats

Uber Eats or Jumia Foods

Who doesn’t like good food with an extra dose of convenience? Absolutely nobody! (well, that’s about 90% accurate.) It is for this reason ‘Jumia Foods’ is picking up at a quick rate in Ghana and all other countries that enjoy the service. There is just something about being able to order your favourite meal without moving a step. Jumia Foods has definitely gotten a strong foothold in the food delivery market. However, will this same jolly song be heard when Uber Eats expands to the African market?

Uber Eats in 200 Cities

A report from Techcrunch stated Uber Eats will definitely be storming Africa pretty soon. Uber Eats is pushing its international growth with a sizeable expansion. The Uber-owned on-demand food delivery app intends to serve 100 new cities spanning Europe, the Middle East and Africa this year. It is interesting to note that Uber Eats has a global reach in over 200 cities and operates in some markets where actual Uber operations are either minimal or non-existent.

The push to launch more Uber Eats markets might be part of Uber’s efforts to turn its organization into a more fiscally responsible entity ahead of a potential IPO. Uber has said that its Eats business was profitable in 45 of the 200 markets where it operates, which doesn’t sound like a terrific ratio until you add the context that it expanded from 50 to over 200 markets in just one year and that it was profitable in only 3 of its active markets in 2016, per the Financial Times.

Jumia Foods better pick up some speed before Uber Eats finally arrives.

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