Facebook May Cause Lady to Lose Her Job In South Africa

Your Job or Facebook

Social Media and the internet have become synonymous with oxygen for most individuals in the new millennium. Their day begins, pans out and ends in social media. Many have raised issues of how social media adversely affects work attitude and quite a few individuals have lost their job because they had either ranted or been glued to a particular platform during working hours.

In 2016, Talia Jane, a former employee of Yelp, took to Medium to rant about how low paying her job was. Needless to say, she lost her job shortly after this incident.

Over here in Africa, we are not quite certain of the number of individuals who have lost their job because of their ardent love for social media. However, an employee in the South African Passport Office might be on the way to losing her job after a video of her checking a passport and ‘Facebooking‘ went viral on Twitter.

In response to the video, South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba tweeted that his ministry will investigate the video which shows an official at the department using her phone while working. The one-minute video shows her looking through a passport while occasionally breaking to tap, swipe and scroll through her phone.

It appears she was using Facebook!!!

The viral video currently has over 85K views on Twitter.

A few individuals may argue that she might have been confirming the Passport holder’s image on Social Media. In all, we can only patiently wait for the findings of the investigation.

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