Uber Ghana Threatened With Lawsuit Over Missing Phone

Uber rider in Accra, Victor Cudjoe, is threatening to file a lawsuit against the company over his missing phone.

The distressed rider explained that he took an Uber on Friday evening but unfortunately left the same phone he ordered with in the car.

“I called my own number several times hoping the driver will pick up so we could make an arrangement but he never answered the call, it got to a time that my number was off when I called it again” he added.

Cudjoe further says, although he’s replaced his lost sim he’s unable to have access to his previous trips and Uber Ghana has been very disappointing in helping him fix the situation.

“I logged in my account on a different phone but I still couldn’t access my trips. The only option Uber gave me was to reset my account. I did it and lost everything”

He says after several attempts to reach the unreachable telephone line of Uber Ghana, a friend sent a contact number to him which was apparently owned by an Uber Ghana worker.

“My friend sent me a contact to one Chris at Uber Ghana. I was told he works with the marketing team. Chris rudely told me at 1:23pm that it was my own carelessness so I should deal with it. As a matter of fact, it was a Saturday and that his life does not revolve around Uber.”

Cudjoe explained that he took to Twitter to message Uber Ghana his concerns and the ride-sharing app was super unresponsive.

“I went to Twitter to inbox them my concerns and the earliest reply I got was after four hours later. Sometimes they replied me after a day. I picked their number online and that line has been off even as I am talking to you now. I was treated with disrespect when I called the Uber Ghana worker, I will sue Uber over my missing phone” Cudjoe concluded

He shares the popular belief that Uber Ghana has a poor communication mechanism. Several incidents, very similar to this one, has been breeding a bad reputation for the company since it launched in the West African country.

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