Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana, visits DreamOval

Vice President of Ghana visits DreamOval
Dr Bawumia with DreamOval Co-Founders

On the 26th of March, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, vice president of the Republic of Ghana, paid a visit to a number of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies in Accra, prominent of these was DreamOval Ltd. The Vice-President’s visit was to familiarise himself with the operations of these companies and take on board their challenges for government’s attention. He also visited Hubtel Ltd, theSOFTtribe Limited, and Farmerline Ghana Limited.

DreamOval is an innovative tech company which churns at smart innovations to make life simple.  The Vice-president arrived at the DreamOval premises around midday and was taken around the oval by Derrydean Dadzie, CEO and co-founder of the tech company. Dr Bawumia congratulated all teams for their immense support to growing the dream. Shortly after his tour, a brief presentation was made to the vice- president by the co-founders of the company.

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said,”We believe that the future of Ghana is a future that has to be anchored by ICT. We believe that if we are going to make progress – and go beyond aid – we have to be very efficient in what we do. And to be very efficient, you have to anchor it on ICT. We are going to be very supportive. We want to encourage you and to let you know that we are here to support you, we believe you’re as good as anyone anywhere else in the world.”

Dreamoval Ltd was established and organised as a limited liability company incorporated in Accra, Ghana in 2007. The company is a software development house that churns out smart solutions through tech-based innovations. DreamOval Ltd was co-founded by four alumni of Ashesi: Derrydean Dadzie, Claud Hutchful, Henry Sampson and Charles Hansen Quao with a mission is to empower both individuals and businesses to make smart, wealth-generating decisions.

Mr. Dadzie had this to say about the visit, “The Vice President’s visit was welcoming and showed support for the tech community. It’s a great validation of the efforts of the tech industry. Hopefully, this goodwill and motivating gesture expressed by the Vice President will go a long way to amplify innovation and tech conversations in the national development narrative. I believe it will bring the needed exposure to local tech solutions. This will go a long way to drive adoption. of solutions borne out of Ghanian ingenuity”

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