From Microsoft To Richard Akoto, With Love.

Microsoft presents laptops to ICT teacher who drew Microsoft word on chalkboard

Richard Akoto Appiah recently took to his Facebook to tell the world how he teaches his students ICT (Information and Communications Technology) without an actual computer. By drawing the computer screen on the blackboard, using different colour chalks.

The Facebook post quickly went viral, initiating a wave of outrage and aid to help the Akoto better communicate with and teach his students. Eventually it came to the attention of Microsoft.

So far the Facebook post has led to Akoto being sent to Singapore for a Microsoft Education Exchange Programme after Akoto’s post came to the notice of Microsoft who promised to equip him with a device and access to the MCE program and free professional development resources.

Microsoft Africa has recently delivered on their promise to equip him and his students with devices that would make his teaching of ICT not as challenging as before. Akoto was presented with 27 laptops, a projectorm a printer,130 uniforms and mathematical sets. Akoto expressed his gratitude to Microsoft for their unyielding support in teaching and learning in Ghana and it’s rural areas.

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