This is how the Video with 5 Billion views, #Despacito, was hacked

Has Despacito been hacked before?

The video for hit song Despacito with over five billion views on Youtube was hacked on YouTube a few hours ago. Shakira, Selena Gomez, Drake, Taylor Swift and other artists were also affected. Fortunately, their original video clips have been posted by Vevo.

According to FrontPage Tv, the hacker Kuroi SH along with other individuals hacked Vevo on YouTube and temporarily deleted Despacito with 5B views, Shakira’s with 2.1B, Drake’s God’s Plan video with 357M views along with other videos. It is reported that the hackers had written “Free Palestine” underneath the videos. Of those, the actual video content itself appears to be unaltered. Many titles have been changed to include the names of the hackers, but only some feature the replaced cover image.

This act has sparked a lot of conversation on Twitter with #despacito. While many feel it is a hoax to get the video even more views on Youtube, others are of the view that it just might be easy to scrap a video from Youtube.

A Twitter account that apparently belongs to one of the hackers posted:

Cyber-security expert Prof Alan Woodward, from Surrey University, was doubtful of the hacker’s ability to do this. According to him, to upload and alter video content with code, you should require an authorisation token.

“So, either this hacker has found a way around that need for authorisation, or they are being economical with the facts, or they obtained the permissions in some other way.”

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