Dr. Bawumia and Ghanaian ICT Firms Move to the Silicon Valley

Ghanaians in the Silicon Valley

A few weeks after visiting selected ICT companies in Greater Accra, the vice president of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and a group of leaders from local ICT Firms have left to Silicon Valley, California. The vice president was accompanied by leaders from the following ICT Firms; GHIPSS, Hubtel, SoftTribe, DreamOval, GE, IBM, Trotro tractor, EDEL Technology Consulting, Rancard, Nsano, Expresspay, Bluespace, Callens Solution, Bsystems and IT Consortium. The group left Accra on Monday for a five-day Working Visit to the high-tech city of Silicon Valley, California, United States of America.

During the visit, the Vice President will hold discussions with Silicon Valley’s thought and technology leaders. These conversations will help explore the possibilities of developing strategic insight, decisions and partnerships. The visit along with these discussions is to help to move Ghana Beyond Aid.

Plan for Silicon Valley

The visit to Silicon Valley by the Vice President and the leadership of the Ghanaian ICT firms is to engage the world leaders in ICT in order to exchange ideas and fashion Ghanaian solutions to Ghanaian challenges.

Dr Bawumia is scheduled to meet with Corporate Executives of cutting-edge digital technology organisations including Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, and Alphabet. He is to visit a number of facilities including the G.E. Digital Centre and the IBM Watson Centre. The Vice President will also meet with the Ghanaian community and brief them on happenings back home.

This is a great move in the right direction for the Ghanaian ICT industry as there is a wealth of knowledge available for consumption in the silicon valley. It would definitely be a plus if other African countries follow this example and expose their Tech industry to Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs and companies. The key here is to implement a bulk of whatever knowledge they can grasp and re-strategize the ones which won’t work in the African market.

Africa’s market is overly ripe for Technological innovations and milestones.

The Vice President returns to Accra on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

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