These Mobile Apps are trending in 10 African countries

Trending Mobile Apps in Africa

According to App Annie, in the first quarter of 2018 mobile app downloads on the App and play store have grown by more than 10%. This figure is the highest increase in downloads till date. Along with the increase in downloads, consumers around the world have increased spend on and in apps to a staggering $18.4 billion. India, Indonesia and Brazil are said to be the pacesetters for the growth in downloads on google play store. However, on the App store Russia, Turkey and the United States are actively paving the way for more downloads.

In Africa, Mobile App development and downloads are picking up howbeit there is still a large market to convert. Below is an overview of app downloads from ten randomly picked countries in Africa.


This east African country is noted globally for great runners. Beyond running, citizens of Kenya have a thing for mobile Apps. According to App Annie, WhatsApp tops the list for downloads in both the App and Play store. On Android, Messenger and WhatsApp are the top downloaded apps in the country while WhatsApp and YouTube are for the App store. When it comes to managing finances, Kenyans prefer to use Tala Kenya on Android and Eazzy Banking on the App store.

South Africa

Moving over to the southern part of Africa, WhatsApp is still leading on both app platforms. There is obviously an ardent need to always communicate and stay in touch with the people that matter. The app tailing WhatsApp downloads from the play store is ShareIt. YouTube’s mobile  app also seems to be doing very well in the South African market. Finance apps in South Africa making the list are Capitec Remote Banking and the FNB Banking App for google play store and App store respectively.


Interestingly, there is a trend change in Algeria. WhatsApp isn’t topping the list for either Android or IOS users. Facebook’s Messenger is at the pinnacle for both IOS and Android downloads. Facebook is the second highest download on Android while YouTube takes second place on the App store. CCP (Solde + Releve) and IQ Option Broker have the most downloads for finance apps in Algeria.


The country with the largest population in the whole of West Africa brings back WhatsApp on the list of downloads. WhatsApp has the most downloads on IOS devices in Nigeria with second place being given to Instagram. Surprisingly Opera News and Facebook Messenger are the leading downloads on Android devices in the same country. GT Bank with their app Bank737 has the most downloads on Android for finance apps. IOS devices on the other hand, have been fully booked with downloads from DiamondMobile.


Heading back to the southern part of Africa, Congo seems to have a thing for just the App store. There is no available data on App Annie for downloads on Android in the country. However, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the two most downloaded apps from the App store in Congo while illico cash is the most used financial app in the country.


Tanzania and Kenya have more more in common than just a shared border. These two countries have similar app interests. Tanzania, like Kenya, has WhatsApp as the leading app download on both IOS and Android devices. Second place on Android goes to Azam Tv, with Instagram taking silver on the App store. M-Pesa Tanzania and Branch are the top Finance apps used in Tanzania.


The Egyptians seem to have a liking for good music making top the list for downloads from the App store followed by لعبة الحوت الازرق (Game Blue Whale). Facebook Messenger and Facebook are topping the list of downloads on Android phones in Egypt. BeeMobile EG and Valu help Egyptians make transactions and manage their finances.


Tunisia, like Algeria and Egypt are very interested in Messenger and Facebook. Messenger and Ludo Kin have the most downloads on Play Store in Tunisia. A large number of IOS devices in Tunisia have Messenger and Facebook downloaded as well.For many citizens in Tunisia, IQ option Broker and Biatnet are the their preferred finance apps.


There are claims that this country has one of the most hospitable citizens in West Africa. This might be the reason WhatsApp is topping downloads on both Android and IOS devices in the country. WhatsApp is closely followed by downloads for the Opera News App from the Play Store and Facebook for App store users. Android users in the country prefer the Fido Lending App while the Ecobank Mobile App tops the charts for downloads on IOS devices.

Data to write this article was collated from App Arnie on 11th April, 2018.

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