3 Technologies #VGMA2018 Should Have Taken Advantage of

#VGMA and Tech

Ghana held its biggest music award event on Saturday, popularly known as the Vodafone Ghana Music Award ceremony. The event was characterized by the usual glitz and glamour. Consequently, the event caused Twitter to overflow with tweets with the hashtag #VGMA2018. Unfortunately, the event wasn’t filled with as much technology. This is interesting, considering the event’s biggest sponsor, Vodafone, is truly excited about the inculcation of technology into all spheres of our lives.

These three technologies could have made all the difference at the VGMA 2018 and would have aptly prepared Ghanaians for the exciting future Vodafone promises.


Our first stop is a Hologram. For those who do not already know what this is, a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.

Holograms literally bring a different light and more spectacle to events. Beyoncé became the talk of town after using a holographic projection screen during her live performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The #VGMA2018 could have done same at an appropriate point during the event. It would have been spectacular to have a hologram of the recently passed Ghanaian artiste, Ebony, projected whenever she had to receive an award and especially during the performance of her songs in tribute to her.

RFID wristbands

No RFID wristbands are not your everyday wristbands.

RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID wristbands use electromagnetic fields to transfer data and track information.
How would RFID wristbands have worked at #VGMA2018?

These bands would have helped track and store credentials of attendees at the concert meaning there wouldn’t have had to be as many security persons at the entrance. Apart from credentials, RFID bands could help track purchasing credits, discount vouchers and even social media integrations. Attendees walking through the checkpoint at the #VGMA2018 could have had their entry to the event grounds automatically posted on social media per their wish.

Totally awesome!
No more ticketing. Decreased number of heavily armoured security personnel. Reduced scuffle at the entrance.

AR at the Red Lounge

Vodafone Ghana introduced a new feature, the Red Lounge at the recently passed awards. The Red Lounge was projected to be a unique display set-up at the foyer of the event venue to provide a multi-sensory experience for all customers and stakeholders.The set up could have been even more engaging with the use of AR/VR technology.

This would have been especially good to view artiste’s videos in 3D and to give the lounge a different feel and effect every few minutes. Imagine participants in the Red Lounge were set in a recording studio once they stepped into the lounge. After a few minutes, the setting changes to a recording scene and continues to change every few minutes.

In all, the #VGMA2018 was good, but can Vodafone make it more exciting with new tech next year?

Yes! We are ready!

Cover Image: Unsplash

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