Lessons From The Social Media and Tech Meet-Up

Last week Friday, I participated in a Social Media and Tech Meet-Up in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). 

Bloggers were invited to talk about their brands and how to attain the status of digital influencers, contributing to the digital ecosystem and creating & shapng identities. The Meet-Up was organised to discuss topics relating to social media including digital strategy, programmatic, mobile, social media, video, data analytics, email, content marketing, SEO and search. With the Keynote Address given by Dr Kofi N. Amoako Agyeman, lecturer at KNUST.

There was a breakout session, where participants broke into focus groups to discuss topics covering social media tactics to content creation to social strategy. Experienced social media experts withing the KNUST campus  shared insights into the best social media tools and strategies that will transform your social media marketing. And how to gain the mindset, tools, and skills you need with social media and bring in positive ROI (return on investment) from each effort.

To prove the sheer importance of social media in marketing and advertisement, the Meet-Up was not advertised on any social media platform, neither were pictures posted online. Instead word of the Meet-Up was spread through word of mouth. All people who attended were personally invited by individual people. The Meet-Up was well attended, as quite a number of people were invited. At the end of the conference members of the Meet-Up walked across KNUST campus and asked people on campus if they had heard of the Meet-Up and if so through who, to gauge the efficiency of word of mouth.

When the attendants had gathered once again to review the information we had gathered, it was quite evident that word of mouth was not efficient enough to carry word of the Meet-Up. Approximately 75% of the people asked had not heard of the event at all.

It was explained that even though social media might not guarantee the success of whatever function you are organising it has greater chance of increasing your social media presence which lead to more people gaining knowledge about you and whatever brand you are trying to sell. People knowing who you are is what leads people to read your content and attend whatever function you decide to organising.

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