The Growing Phenomenon Of Creepy Uber Drivers

A friend recently told me about her last Uber trip where the driver mentioned that he was thinking of moving to the area where he had picked her up and asked if she knew any girl who would want to cook and clean for him, suggesting that she be that girl.

Stories like these are becoming common among Ghanaian women. Cases of inappropriate behaviour by Uber drivers are happening more often than we should be comfortable with. Last week the issue was highlighted on twitter by one account which others took as a precedence to talk about their experiences with Uber drivers.

And these are just the cases we hear about. There are way more stories that fly under the radar. Some girls have now resorted to ending their trip at a different location to prevent drivers from knowing where they live.

Uber is yet to publicly address the issue which I think reflects very badly on them. Uber’s arrival was received with a lot of joy from Ghanaian citizens, the youth especially. It brought an alternative we didn’t have before. And for some it meant a slightly safer way to travel. But instead of keeping us safe it is rather making some put their life at risks by choosing to be dropped off at locations a junction or so away from where they live so the drivers can’t come back uninvited.

Hopefully Uber Ghana publicly addresses this matter soon.


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