Spotify Is Expanding It’s Reach Into North & East Africa

Spotify still stands out above other music streaming services. The platform has gained the highest number of users in the recent past.

Recently, Spotify announced that currently, 75 million individuals have subscribed to its premium services. The platform is still on the move of securing new subscribers both paid and free by increasingly subscribing into the new market. The Swedish based company is planning to officially expand into the Middle East. This will be made possible by putting up first its services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is planned to take place before the end of this year.

Reports from reliable sources indicate that the platform will be launching in the United Arab Emirates in the fourth quarter of 2018. Reports are there that Spotify has already leased an office space in Dubai. This also came out in the platform’s recent filing with the SEC. It confirmed that it has several offices across the world with Dubai being one of the

Spotify has put up more than four positions for hire that will be set up in Dubai office. The positions include Technical Account Manager for the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) and Senior Editor for Middle East & Africa among others. The move will be against Anghami in the region where Spotify is planning to set up at. Anghami firm which is found in Beirut has 40 million listeners across the region.

Additionally, it has secured a license agreement with all the record labels in the region. It also has a license agreement with international labels like Warner, EMI, Sony, and Universal. This is definitely going to offer stiff completion across the region which is to the sole benefit of the listeners. The music streaming services will have to up their game to be at the top of their competitors in the market. Offering better services at an affordable cost will be the market determinant.

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