Using Your Cameras To Become A Tech Entrepreneur In Ghana

Have you been unemployed for a while? Are you looking for an alternative means of making extra cash as a part-time source to support your job? Are you a student and looking for alternative means of making money to take care of some basic stuff? Then Click Brick Tech,  in this article, will help you to realize an easy tool to get you going.

We are fortunate to be alive in this dispensation where we have very powerful money making tools in our pockets and bags and we carry them along with us everywhere we go. The most notable examples are our smartphones and laptops. Let’s take some time and explore a very relevant field in our societies today and how we can match up with our smartphones and make some extra cash.

As smartphone innovations keep growing by day, focus and attention from the various Research and Development labs have been on the smartphone cameras. This is obvious as newer flagship smartphones always have something new to present to the public with their cameras; with the latest being the portrait mode on almost all new phones on the market today. This has created an unexploited avenue for smartphone owners to be excellent photographers considering the photo processing abilities of their devices made possible by their various OEMs.

Make money with smartphone photography

Work as a professional photographer/Videographer

Taking pictures with smartphones is relatively easier than taking pictures with DSLR cameras considering the point-and-shoot nature of the former. The good news is you do not need the most expensive smartphone on the market to be able to take great photos. Even though modern smartphones like the Google Pixel(s), IPhone X, Galaxy S9 and the likes have embedded algorithms that helps the hardware to do aggressive processing, HDR+ processing, on the images to provide outputs that require less or no post processing, you need not worry if the output of your smartphone’s camera wouldn’t get you anyone to contract you to shoot a wedding or a birthday program for them. All that you need is a little soft skill in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, all of which you can get tutorials on for free on YouTube, just to aid you to do post processing of your images to get the attraction of your target customers.

Interestingly, you can cover a whole program; wedding, funeral, party, meeting, etc. with just your smartphone by taking both videos and photos with your device. The issue of discomfort arises when you know you can’t do video processing with any computer software. But since there’s always another way, there are mobile applications, e.g. Kinemaster, which could be downloaded for free, that helps to arrange videos of any duration to produce the required output. In using Kinemaster, one does not need any knowledge on video processing; the app is just so easy to use. It provides very important editing tools such as crop, rotate, trim, add background music, mute, etc. So with just Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom and Kinemaster app, you can get yourself a contract to be a photographer for any event.

Also, you can get some extra cash with your mobile devices by playing photography games.


The most notable and trusted smartphone photography game is ‘Gurushots’. This is an app based game, which requires you to just download the app for free, upload four of your best shots as a newbie to the game, and the more votes you get on your photos, the closer you get to a grand prize of $180 every week. The app also presents other photography challenges which can also earn you $180 when you are able to accomplish your assigned task. It is real and so easy.


Foap is a photography app on the iOS and Android platforms which is also very easy to use. It only requires you to upload your photos and sell them through the app with the Foap Market. Each photo costs $10 and as many appealing photos as you sell on the Foap Market, the more the money you stand the chance of getting. Since the Foap market gives you the chance to sell so many photos, it is only fair for the developers to take half of the price for administrative use. With Foap, you can upload your photos from third party apps like Instagram, eyeEm and Flickr


Snapwire is yet another photography app available for both iOS and Android but unlike Foap where emphasis is on the photos, Snapwire places emphasis on the photographer instead. In this app, there are two ways of selling your photos;  challenges and requests. You’ll need to start as an “Explorer” where your photos will earn points just like in Gurushots and when you get to some level based on the points you get from the photos, you can then take part in buyer requests which are paid, you can then start getting commissions from your clients.

All these apps are worth exploring to find out how best you can make financial use of your smartphone camera.

So don’t just sit down and watch your asset be only used for social media, let it get you the money you need. And keep reading Click Brick Tech articles as we bring you a host of alternative means of making money with tech.


Augustine Nana Sekyi Appiah

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