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So mobile health apps are becoming a thing now. If you thought Telemed was supposed to be the limit in medical technology, you better hold on tight. Google play store is now booming with hundreds of health and fitness applications available for free downloads for our smartphones and tablets. Some health applications are for sale, but only for a tiny price. Most of these applications are designed for healthy lifestyles including health, nutrition, marathons, building muscles and even weight lifting.

Healthy lifestyle is a very important topic in our modern world today as more and more people are developing diseases that are easily preventable should we observe healthy lifestyles. The term healthy lifestyle has a broad spectrum ranging for healthy diet to physical activities to having good sleep. Most of these applications today are developed to assist people observing diets. This absolutely makes sense with many people dying globally from cardiac diseases. Atherosclerosis, which is a build up of plague mostly containing lipids, is the leading cause of coronary artery disease. Observing a healthy diet can greatly reduce the amount of fats in our blood vessels which can get clogged and narrow our blood vessels leading to serious complications. With all that been said, let take a look at some few apps that could be useful to us in observing healthy lifestyles.

LIFESUME, this is the app almost everyone looking to losing some weight is talking about. This application available on both Google play and Apple stores aims at tracking your calorie intake. There is no secret to the fact that losing weight means observing diets low in calorie and fat. Aside observing how much calories you have in your diet, this application also sends you several reminders such as taking in lots of fluids throughout the day, making the right food choices and also exercising regularly.

For those of you who want to build up some muscles, but don’t have enough time to hit the gym, HOME WORKOUT is the ideal app for you. What makes this app so cool is its simplicity, it features warm up exercises, a chart which allows you to observe your progress and video guides to performing each of the workouts and the importance of such routines.  If you are looking forward to building up your arm and thigh muscles, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this on your Apple or Android.

MY FITNESS PAL; with most health and fitness applications either emphasizing on only diet or fitness, this one concentrates both on diet and daily fitness.  This application offers a database that helps you track how much calories you daily meals contain. It also provides a database which recommends recipes that are low in calories to help you lose weight. Not only does the diet calculator calculate calories but it also calculates other nutrients, such as vitamins, in your diet. This app lets you know which nutrients you are taking in excess and nutrients you may be taking in minute amount hence balancing your nutrient intake. My fitness app is available for free download on both google play and apple stores.

Aaptiv is one of the newest fitness applications released this year. It is available for download at a cost of about $90 annually. Before you freak-out by the cost of this application, you would want to know what this fitness app features. It features a full audio instruction for all the exercise routines available. There are about 2500 different exercise routines ranging from yoga to elliptical workouts and marathon training. It also offers its users the opportunity to choose a level of difficulty to make the workouts either flexible or challenging. What’s cool about this app is the music attached to each workout; it takes the stress of having to scroll yourself to choose a playlist of songs suitable for your workout. The workouts on Aaptiv never get boring as new workouts and instructions are updated to the app on weekly basis so not to repeat the same workout routines every day. The audio instruction makes your workout go in a smooth flow; you do not have to stop in the middle of your training to read instructions. This app is definitely worth its price in comparison to hiring an instructor with a fitness club.

This last app is reserved for our yoga fans. Yoga classes are normally expensive and there are no two ways about that fact. If you looking forward to doing some yoga training for almost no fee at all, Down Dog is the right app for you. All you have to do is to download it from your app store and bingo you have the world of yoga in your palm. This app is free but you might have to pay for a little fee to open other features available in there. This app works for people of all levels, from beginner to masters. This app teaches you all the positions and routines you have to perform and there is an inbuilt music playlist to help you relax and meditate even more.

Eat well, build your muscles, lift weights and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with these wonderful mobile applications.


William Akuffo-Addo

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