Medical Apparatus You Should Have Around Your Home

You do not need to have a super broad knowledge in medicine to be able to use certain medical apparatus. Thanks to developing medical technology, many medical apparatus are becoming portable and simple to use. Most of these medical apparatus require little or no skill at all in other to use.

Measuring blood pressure, for instance, might require some knowledge and skill in how to use a stethoscope, but the use of automatic blood pressure monitor saves you from having to acquire this skill. In as much as these medical devices are simple to use, they give very important clues to what might be going on in our body. Most of these apparatus are used in measuring vital signs and are usually used in the doctor’s office for objective medical investigations which are mostly the first line in clinical diagnosis. In this article, we would look into a few medical apparatus which are imperative to have at home.

Thermometer is one of the most widely used medical devices. They are a must in every medical institution. We all know the use a thermometer, and I wouldn’t delve deep into how to use it. Obviously it is used in measuring temperature. A body temperature greater than 37 degrees Celsius tells us our body might be in a phase of fighting an infection, either viral or bacterial. According to a recent study, most homes in Western countries have thermometers and the knowledge and skill in how it is used. On the other hand, only few homes in West Africa have thermometers available for use at home.

According to the survey, most of the homes with thermometers in Africa have a family member in the medical field. Measuring our body temperature regularly when we feel ill is very important. A high grade temperature of about 39 degree Celsius should alarm us to seek medical attention from a health care provider immediately. This is suggestive of an inflammation. Having a thermometer at home can enable as monitor our body temperatures closely and seek medical attention should the numbers be out of range. Abnormal numbers are numbers above 37 degrees Celsius or below 36 degrees Celsius.

I wouldn’t bother going deep into how to use a stethoscope as well. The use of this medical apparatus requires a lot of practice and skill to be able to use it correctly. A stethoscope is basically a tube which your doctor uses to listen to your heart, your lungs and your bowel movement. Having a little knowledge in using stethoscope to listen to heart rate and to take measurement of blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer, which is a bag wrapped around our arm is a great skill to acquire. Essential hypertension which is an increase in blood pressure is a very common medical condition. Nicknamed the silent killer, Most people go through their daily lives being unaware they might be having hypertension until they go to the doctor’s office.

Untreated hypertension can eventually lead to many cardiovascular issues which are mostly fatal. There is an increase in blood pressure when our bodies fight against infections as well. Acquiring skill in using a stethoscope can go a long way to help you detect serious medical complications earlier in other to seek profession health care from your doctor. It is also possible to save yourself the hustle of having to learn how to use a stethoscope by simply purchasing an automatic blood pressure monitor to monitor the blood pressure of you and your love ones.

Glucose monitoring device is definitely a must for our homes. It is imperative of us to take measurements of our blood glucose once in a while. With diabetes becoming a major health problem globally, it should be our responsibility to monitor our blood sugar levels .Having a glucometer, a device used to take measurement of blood sugar lever by pricking the tip of the finger can enable as detect of there is an increase in our blood sugar level, a condition called diabetes.

According to healthcare providers, there are millions of people globally who are pre-diabetic. And most people diagnosed of type 2 diabetes were diagnosed accidentally during a visit to the hospital for a totally different reason. The early diagnosis of diabetes in very important so as to avoid the complications that comes with this disease. Some of the complications may be very serious. Complication of diabetes can affect our eye sight, kidney, nerves and many other vital organs.

There are also several mobile applications which can be used in measuring vital signs. It is very important to have these devices at home so as to know when to seek the immediate help for professional medical assistance. Always remember, early diagnosis always leads to better prognosis.


William Akuffo-Addo

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