How To Make Money Using Your WhatsApp Status

How often do you open WhatsApp and check the status section to see what your friends posted? Want to get paid when you post something on your WhatsApp status? Well then WhatsAd is the app you’ve been looking for. This app is changing the way we all use our WhatsApp status. Imagine getting paid each time you post something on your status.

With WhatsAd you can choose to be either a Marketer or an Advertiser.

A marketer is a user that posts ads that are submitted by advertisers on their WhatsApp status and gets paid for doing so. An advertiser is one who posts his business/product/service on the platform for Marketers to post on their WhatsApp Status. This means the Advertiser is the one paying the Marketer. Marketers are paid GHS0.50 for each ad posted. The more you post the more you earn.

Marketers are required to get at least 50 views on their status when the ad is posted. Once you pass 50 views;

  1. Take a screenshot and upload it to your WhatsAd account dashboard. Your account balance will be credit after this is verified by the WhatsAd team.
  2. Once your earnings get to GHS5 or more, you’ll notice a withdrawal button.
  3. Tap on it and wait for your withdrawal request to be processed.
  4. Upon approval, your pending payment will be made into your linked mobile money account. Simple as that.

Just make sure your mobile money account is set in your profile.

Advertisers are required to have at least GHS10 in his account before they can post an Ad. From there you have the choice to select any budget you want to spend on an ad. GHS10 will serve your ad to 10 marketers, GHS20 to 20 marketers, and so on.

Assuming an ad is uploaded with a set budget of GHS10, that means you can reach an audience of 500 from WhatsApp status. Sounds like a good deal right?

Join WhatsAd’s official WhatsApp group.

If for any reason you cannot join, contact WhatsAd from the support link in the app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or on their website. There is a promise of an iPhone version coming soon.

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