The Electric Scooter: A New Wave Of Transport

This summer has seen an unexpected boom in the use of electrical scooter all across the word especially in Europe and in the streets of major cities in the United States.

Not a few years ago, hover boards seemed to be the coolest and most bizarre form of transport, but electrical scooters seem to be winning the battle of bizarre transportation. People using electrical scooters believe it is comfortable to commute with an electrical scooter because you do not have to worry a lot about keeping yourself balanced in comparison to using a hoover board. In comparison to a bicycle, you do not have to input more energy by paddling. You just step on your electric scooter and off you go.

An American company called Lime is slowly but surely taking advantage of the latest form of transport by flooding major cities in the United States with these scooters. Lime has moved beyond cities in the United States and you can now hire a Lime electrical scooter in European cities such as Paris and Berlin. It only costs a dollar to rent a Lime electrical scooters and this explains why many people are patronizing this new form of transportation; it’s cheap, portable and you can always maneuver your way to get rid of heavy traffic in urban areas.

Lime is not alone in the competition to become the number one provider of electrical scooters in big cities across the United States. A rival company called BIRD which was launched just in September last year in Santa Barbara, California in is also offering electrical scooters for rent and has now flooded twenty two cities across the United States with its electrical scooters in just few months.

According to the CEO of the company Bird, Travis Vanderzanden, his motivation into injecting millions of money to see his company grow is to reduce traffic in the cities. He believes that the use of electrical scooters is the solution to the long awaited plans to ease traffic in urban areas. He also believes this is a great way to get Americans of their cars and his company is committed to seeing this happen. The scooters are linked to a mobile app which allows you to discard the scooters pretty much anywhere in the city without any approvals.

Some residents have been very quick in expressing their discontent to scooters moving on pedestrian lanes, they claim it could be a danger to pedestrians. There are not really a lot of laws regulating the newly found means of transport seems no one actually expected a quick wave in the use of electrical scooters.

So how does the electrical scooter works. It’s really that simple, you hop on with your two legs and you start buzzing you way across the city. The only important thing to remember is to hop off in time not to hit a pedestrian.


By William Akuffo-Addo 


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