About Click Brick Tech

Click Brick Tech is an emerging Tech media house based in Africa.We exist to tell the story of how Africans are breaking away from brick – the gruelling way of completing tasks and living their lives- to the use of simplified technology.

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From Brick To Tech

Technology is transforming lives, companies, continents and the world at large. Daily, we presented with new revolutions in the tech field buttressing the fact that Technology is indeed Dynamic. Though the African community is catching up with this trend, it is at a slow speed.

As an African-based technology news website, CBT’s main focus is on technology in the fields of information and telecommunications (ICT), broadband, IT security, software, gadgets, mobile, food, entertainment, politics, mobile operators and more from across Africa. Our mission is to tell the story of African’s Digital Journey. To inform the world about the progress made by Africa and for Africans in all tech fields. CBT examines how technology will and is changing lives both now and in the near future.

CBT is committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the news and telling audiences the truth. Click Brick Tech was launched in June 2017 as a fully functional news portal. 

Contact the editor: news(a)clickbrick.tech