All these Schemes chasing the Paper.

‘Anopa mesorea

Ɛnyumre meko daa

Hoa na medwen hoa na medwen

Sika hoa na me dwen oo


‘In the morning when I wake up

In the night when I go to sleep

That’s all I think about 2x

Money is all I’m thinking about’


Akan – Me Sika Aduro


The Radio – Your walking, talking, moving miracle

Radio is the theatre of the mind

Television is the theatre of the mindless’

‘Radio is the most intimate and socially personal medium in the world’

Harry Von Zell

Despite having so many things separating us, humans happen to have so much in common. If not music, then culture and if not culture then history. One thing that has stayed on eternal from our childhood is something that isn’t so flashy and doesn’t seem to fit into our modern 21st century. This space and medium that has been the greatest informer and entertainer at the same time without having a face to see, it just needed you to listen; and listen we did. If they honestly thought it was dead then they have another thing coming. Radio isn’t dying, to be honest, it is making a very decent living in its home here with humans.


Call 911! Android Tablets are dead…or dying

Then came the phone, followed by the laptop, then people got cocky and send ‘hey! Let’s create a bridge of some sorts for both a laptop and a phone to meet, we’ll call it a pill, nope, I got, we’ll call it the tablet’.